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Global Week in Review

An exploration in citizen continuing education.

 Week Ending Friday, 9 March 2019 

It is irresponsible for any government to not have a grand strategy that integrates ends, ways, and means. It is irresponsible for any government to not consider true cost economics in relation to policy, product, and service. It is irresponsible for any government to neglect all aspects of domestic prosperity in favor of elective wars we cannot win.


  • Poverty .China and India taking lead with national-scale poverty eradication. Should we pay attention?
  • Infectious Disease. Distrust in vaccine integrity, are infectious diseases making a comeback?
  • Environmental Degradation. Still no clue. “Big data” is fragmented, no one really cares.
  • Inter-State Conflict. Kashmir will not go nuclear. Syria won. Palestine still an occupied apartheid country.
  • Civil War. While Iraq stabilizes, America is moving toward culturally-insane civil war out of touch with reality.
  • Genocide. Force sterilization is a form of genocide. Accountability for colonial genocide emergent.
  • Other Atrocities. Pedophilia is slowly emerging as a deep national security threat. Not there yet.
  • Proliferation. US/UK continue to lie about Syria using chemical weapons and who funded ISIS.
  • Terrorism. White people are more likely to be terrorists in US/UK; Russia has stomped its terrorists out.
  • Transnational Crime. Germany covers up illegal immigrant crime. Hats off to US DOJ on elder fraud sweep.


  • Agriculture. Biofuels needs to go away; clean agriculture a distant vision; holistic policy does not exist.
  • Diplomacy. US picking fights with India, Turkey, Venezuela, arming Saudi Arabia, perhaps doing well in Korea.
  • Weak signals of global economic crash. President’s tariff strategy is working.
  • The unstated message: schools suck, not creating critical thinkers who can innovate and adapt.
  • No one, anywhere, is serious about holistic energy solutions that leverages renewables at low cost.
  • China, Hungary, and India are dong family policy planning supportive of national integrity. We are not.
  • Health care in the USA is too expensive and has too many lies built in. Time to make it a public service.
  • Trump is right, Congress is wrong, Supreme Court will have a say, this will be an election issue.
  • The US justice system is broken – foreign influence, legalized lies, state murder with impunity.
  • US does not have a holistic national security strategy – demography & technology are out of control.
  • Artists merit more respect; aging population cannot be supported as things now stand.
  • Desalination solutions are here, governments are simply not serious about solving the water crisis.


  • Brazil merits more respect from the USA – Trump has a chance to craft a new Southern front strategy.
  • Xi has bigger problems than Trump does – seems to be more innovative – and is winning the South.
  • Most complicated country on the planet, 22 languages, more Muslims than anyone. Next big power.
  • Largest Muslim population in the world, massive natural resources including gold, pay attention.
  • Our President needs to stomp down hard on the Deep State forces seeking to wage war on Iran.
  • Jews and Palestinians, not Zionists, should be working together in peace. Genocide is not working.
  • Not in the news: this is a done deal guaranteed by China. Trump is the cosmetic closer. Get over it.
  • Gandhi had it right: “Palestine is to the Palestinians as France is to the French.”
  • US is losing arms sales to Russia; Russia is creating the next Internet and US will loser there as well.
  • Assad won. US should be in international criminal court along with Israel and Saudi Arabia.
  • Not in the news: major regional power with Iran, One Belt One Road changes everything.
  • This is very hard to understand. Local corruption plus US arrogance destroying a country.



Infectious Disease

Environmental Degradation

2019-03-09 XinhuaNet UNEP plans to create big data platform on environment

Inter-State Conflict

Civil War


Other Atrocities (e.g. Human Trafficking, Pedophilia)



Transnational Crime



























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