The Steele Report

An exploration in citizen continuing education.

 It is irresponsible for any government to not have a grand strategy that integrates ends, ways, and means. It is irresponsible for any government to not consider true cost economics in relation to policy, product, and service. It is irresponsible for any government to neglect all aspects of domestic prosperity in favor of elective wars we cannot win.

My intent is to make the headllines, updates daily and eventually enlarged (e.g. down to the 50 state level and also increased sophistication of country analysis), free to the public at this site. See the pages above.

Subscription ($11 per month) at the below site will buy the weekly report in online non-copiable form, as well as access to a weekly webinar each Saturday in which subscribers will have been able to ask questions via email.

Note: I wanted to make this the #UNRIG Report but that may be a new separate report associated with my new website, where an Alternative Cabinet may be forming to challenge the President on the benefits of holistic analytics and true cost economics if he is to #UNRIG for #MAGA.

Selected References:

Trump Revolution Series (Free, Kindle, Some Print)

Other Sites by Robert Steele Free to the Public: